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Customer/visitor surveys

Assignment of tasks

Do you know the needs and demands of your visitors?
Do you know how the customers/visitors assess your shopping center?
Can the customer path of your shopping center be optimized?
These and other questions can be investigated by a customer/visitor survey.

Tool for marketing and planning

Besides approaching your customers according to the goals, the visitor research also offers a valuable instrument with respect to the tenant-mix-optimization. In addition, a survey provides knowledge about a projected reorientation of your center.

Your benefit

  • Identification of visitor and target groups
  • Definition of the visitors in the center
  • Identification of demands / expectations
  • Image of the center
  • Suggestions for optimization
  • Buying behavior and orientation
  • Catchment area of the center
  • Media behavior of the visitors
  • Knowledge about the streams of visitors
  • Visitor distribution in the center

Offered components

  • Oral survey of the visitors of the center
  • Consideration of individual questions etc.
  • Counting of visitors

We submit an offer to you, especially tailored to your center and your needs.



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