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The "Institut für Gewerbezentren"

The "Institut für Gewerbezentren" is an independent research and consulting institution which has specialized in trade and center research and consulting for 33 years. The institute was founded by Professor Dr. Bernd Falk in Starnberg in 1972.

Up to now, the IfG has supported more than 15 million square meters of usable space by working out project development measures. Besides the project development, the fields of business include space recycling and the revitalization of commercial property as well as property-related, market and locational analyses with respect to the fields of business.

Prof. Dr. Falk is the owner of the institute, Honorary of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (HonRICS), London, chairman of the advisory council of the AHBR Allgemeine HypothekenBank Rheinboden AG, Frankfurt/M., lecturer for real estate management at the University of Munich, lecturer for real estate marketing at the Technical University of Dresden (EIPOS), scientific adviser at the European Institute for postgradual education at the Technical University of Dresden e.V., as well as adviser in various real estate companies.

Momme Torsten Falk Ph.D., graduate in business administration (FH), project manager, has worked at the "Institut für Gewerbezentren" since 1987. His main scope of duties comprises the preparation of market, locational and economic analyses and he is responsible for market studies/structural opinions.

Christian Breitschaft, graduate engineer (univ.), architectural studies. Employed at the "Institut für Gewerbezentren" since 2005. Responsible for architectural, structural and technical matters as well as collaborative work on different publications in the area of real estate business.



Prof. Dr. Bernd Falk
Momme T. Falk Ph.D.
Christian Breitschaft
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