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Market and locational analyses

Property-related, market and locational analyses as well as calculations of profitability for existing or planned shopping centers of different types form an integral part within the business fields of the IfG.

The analysis does not only include the detailed evaluation of the macro-economic data of the property environment, but also the examination of the current competitive position, the catchment area and the acceptability of the property or project.

Household surveys, interviews conducted with passers-by and customers, talks among experts, driving distance measurements as well as the use of the in-house specialized database form the analytical basis for the further development of the commercial property.

Each market and locational analysis carried out by us is individually tailored to the needs of the property using the following elements:

  • Assessment of the macro-location on the basis of relevant structural and development data
  • Examination of the micro-location
  • Determination and analysis of the catchment area
  • Detailed analysis of the competitive position (admission and evaluation of the relevant existing and planned competitors in the market area)
  • Surveys of passers-by and visitors
  • Viability analysis
  • Critical and constructive evaluation of the conception



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