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  Shopping Center Report 2011

Published by the
"Institut für Gewerbezentren", Prof. Dr. Falk,
Starnberg 2011.
ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-00-033115-2

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This current market study released in two languages (English/German) about the German shopping center market presents 644 existing centers with a gross leasable area from 8.000 m² up. The reference book is rounded off by a market report on the subject of shopping centers in Germany and the presentation of major shopping center plannings.

The existing shopping centers are presented in the form of a written report, an inter-active CD-ROM with extensive search and print opportunities, tenant search functions etc. and, in addition, a clearly structured map of Germany with the centers included in the study marked on it.

Among others you will find the following centre information in this publication:

  • Name of the centre and adress information
  • Web and e-mail addresses
  • Centre management and owner information
  • Year of opening
  • Gross leasable area
  • Proportion of space and number of tenants categorised into the retail, service, gastronomy and leisure/entertainment sectors
  • Tenant mix and anchor tenants
  • Tenant list broken down by name and relevant sector
  • Logos and pictures of the individual centres
  • Location category and centre classification
  • Visitor frequency and length of stay
  • Advertising media
  • Map of all upraised shopping centres
  • Parking alternatives (type and number)
  • Revitalisation and expansion measures




For which target group is this report interesting?

Shopping centers in Germany – this subject is an essential basis for all management and consulting firms, architects, project developers, banks, investors, agents, representatives of the retail trade and of the following business areas: service, catering and leisure/entertainment.


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